Love the ease of bute paste, but not the price?

Love the ease of bute paste, but not the price?

Its true, you can purchase 100 tablets of 1 gram phenylbutazone (100 grams) for nearly the price of a 12 gram prepared syringe.

Easy way to make your own paste – Use a syringe case and the syringe case cap as a disposable mortar and pestle – Place phenylbutazone tablet in the syringe case cap and use the end of the syringe case to gently grind the tablet, then you can squeeze the sides of the cap together to form a funnel to pour your powder into the syringe (plunger removed). Replace plunger and draw up water, shake and give. The less water you add, the more paste-like consistency you’ll have. You can also draw up a small amount of karo syrup or molasses for flavoring if you like (caution with carbohydrate challenged horses!). Any syringe size will work (don’t recommend 3 cc size), I have used even a 12 cc syringe (see picture reference on twitter@theequinevet).


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